How to Turn Your Wellness Journey into a 6 Figure Business! 

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Tell me all the things!

During this free training we will cover:

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Step by step checklist to start your own womb centered business or practice

So that you have a strong foundation, and the God-fidence to get s*it done!

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Simplify Your Business Model In Order to Scale to 6 Figures

Before you create your offer you need to know how much money you want to make.

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How to design, market, and test your offer to avoid cricket launching! 

You want to produce an offer that sells out at launch.

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The 5 things you MUST do to manifest your 6figure womb-centered business.

Your plan is not working its pure insanity to keep trying the same old ineffective methods.

I want the whole bag, and nothing, but the BAG Reserve my Seat!

Sick of treating your wellness business like a side piece?


How many times have you promised to make this year your " 6 figure" year? hmm, too many I'm sure if you're anything like I was. 

Do thoughts of ending another quarter and you haven't begun to get your sh*t together and successfully launch that wellness business you know you've been called to manifest make you want to call EARL? 🤢

Well then, my first call to action is... stop treating procrastination like "issa a FLEX!"

Trust me, I know... 

You have bought all the yoni products, all the wellness products, and it seems like nothing is selling.

You are tired of the social media dance, you know the dance I'm talking about; building a group; going live; posting daily; interacting; giving; giving, and then giving some more. After all that work... tada! Still nothing, not even funny right?

Well, I am here to tell you that even if you have all the products and you perfect the dance, you are still going to need a strong foundation to launch from. This includes developing a plan of execution and having a business BAE aka an experienced accountability partner to support you, and help guide your plans. Here's a little secret (inside information)... Contrary to what Forbes has to say, no one that "makes it", is truly "self-made".

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Let me know if any of the following resonates with you. I'll wait...

You are a healer; a natural-born nurturer; passionate about the birthing community; and know that it is possible to make 6 figures creating extraordinary change in the lives of others.

You have been doing womb-work for some time, have all the products, and helped many friends/family members. After all of their testimonials, you still aren't confident enough to put yourself fully out there. 

You have an existing practice or business that services women; have previously done research on womb wellness and/or reproductive health, and have considered adding this as a valuable service to your established client base.

Do you consistently ask yourself "what if I can't get actual clients" or "what if I fail them?" 

If one of these statements or questions feels all too familiar then you are exactly where you need to be, so follow me!


All four scenarios resonate with me...

Believe me, this was my story for far too long! I'm positive that in many ways, we share very similar attributes, which has led us to this moment. I owned a pretty successful wellness center (brick and mortar establishment), which was profitable at the time.

When I received the vision for womb coaching, I didn't realize the journey would have me shut down my center and become a predominantly online holistic womb - centered coach and female reproductive health advocate. In the beginning, I had no idea what to do in the "online space".

I began by supporting my family and friends with their reproductive issues on the side because even after all I knew about holistic health and wellness, I was not confident enough to address the reproductive conditions of strangers.

Believe it or not, I did not feel or perceive myself as qualified enough, even after all the positive results I was creating over the years of working with my friends and family. Then at some point, I fell head-over-heels in love with seeing the rapid transformation in the lives of the women I had worked with, I mean it really felt good, like on a soul level. 

Although this only a little snippet of "my" womb wellness journey ladies, I encourage you to join me for this free masterclass where I am going to share with you how to create your own "little snippet"

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Check out what my clients have to say!

Lawone Hunter

Takia Smith

Working with Kim has grown my business, and self-confidence tremendously, before Kim I was not showing up for myself the way that really I would have liked to, and had no real game plan for my business. Since I have expanded my knowledge about myself in ways I was not expecting, and successfully launched my womb healing practice. Her coaching isn't like your average life or business coaching, because it is womb- centered and, the power of the womb is extraordinary. You have lifetime access to her program, she is so approachable and genuinely gives you sister vibes. Kim has challenged me to practice self-care, and step out of my comfort zone, I have become a beacon for womanhood.


Tally Hill

I loved working with Kim Morris, I learn so much about myself and how to connect with my womb on a physical, and emotional level. She really coaches you on how to holistically nurture your womb, and become one with her. I also learned how to be an Advocate for other women like myself. The coaching and recourses she provided really allowed me to support my clients in a more holistic way, and I literally doubled my income in just three months of working with her! Having lifetime access to Kim’s program is priceless, and I am now apart of a really amazing sister community that supports me in ways that I have never been before. I am so grateful for Kim, and her genuine desire to build an empowered sisterhood.

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Christina Sims

Every tool Kim provided during our coaching sessions has added value to my practice. My clients are finally seeing the results they desire, and I am booking with more confidence. The community alone is a gold mine. Having access to Kim is worth every dime I spent and then some, she really over-delivers. When Kim is coaching you she really makes it a good time it literally feels like I am kicking it with my girlfriend, but leaving elevated, motivated, and equipped to make shift happen in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and can only imagine how many more lives Kim Morris will change through her coaching and with Yoniversity.


Hey Sister! I'm Kim Morris...

C.E.O. & Founder of Yoniversity Online Training Academy® (YOTA); Holistic Womb Wellness Coach; & Your New Business Bae!!

Here are a few things you should know about me:

I DOUBLED 💰💰 my income in 2020 during a pandemic, recession, and what was supposed to be the worst year ever.

Not only that, but I’m on track to make 2021 my first 6 figure year. 😌💅🏾🍾

My motto for 2021 is: Simplify 2 Multiple

I have been simplifying my service offers and systems while maximizing my bank account. 

I am my best self when in a position to uplift, heal, or support another person's growth. This is especially true when it comes to serving my sisters. (you are my sister now!) :)

 I value and respect my time, as well as the time of others; I don't hold grudges ; I genuinely hold space for healing, restoration, and elevation. 

I have a pet peeve for long sales pages and unnecessary small talk. I guarantee you, I am not trying to hold ya!

I have been practicing in the field of holistic health for over 12 years, with a specific focus on holistic womb wellness, and female reproductive health for the past eight. 

I am blessed to have helped hundreds of women heal and launch successful womb centered businesses through my coaching program, courses, and community services.  

I'm ecstatic to work with you on your journey, help you reach your goals, and step into the truest expression of yourself! 

Seating is limited. reserve yours NOW! 


I'm ready to scale to

6 figures - Save my seat!

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