In This Free Guide You Will Learn... 

---> How to incorporate natural healing methods into your life so that you can finally stop using all of those toxic, unnecessary medications.
---> Be confident in exactly which oils to use and when.
---> Health Benefits of Essential Oils. Knowing the full scope, and many uses for essential oils when it comes to your health will increase your options when you are searching for an alternative relief, as well as support preventative care measures.
---> The Emotional Benefits of Essential Oils. Learning how to use essential oils for non topical reasons such as aromatherapy will expand your service offers, and tool belt. Increasing your client base and your income.
---> Safety Guidelines For Essential Oils. So that you can avoid any potential risk when using essential oils for your personal health, and beauty needs, and the needs of your clients.

Benefit 1

Learn about the benefits, and history of essential oil for womb health, so that you are fully knowledgeable about this ahhmazing alternative healing option, and be confidently equipped to support your clients.

Benefit 2

Learn how to safely formulate your own essential oil blends to support womb health, and make your own trusted yoni, and womb wellness products.

Benefit 3

Use this e-book as a guide, and recourse to support your personal, or your clients womb wellness journey. Never have to worry about measurements, dosage, or blends when suggesting or using essential oils again.

Women Have Been Using Oils Extracted From Plants And Herbs For Centuries

Essential oils have many uses, including cleaning, deodorizing and freshening, but they can also be used to address specific women’s health issues. Women have been using oils extracted from plants and herbs for centuries–for things like beautification and healing. Aromas can have a profound impact on your health as a woman. They work by stimulating the olfactory nerve, which is connected to the emotional part of the brain. Scents can immediately affect your emotions, mood, induce relaxation, ease pain and can help different bodily systems to function at their best. There are so many ways to use essential oils to support your wellness. Download my free guide to learn more about how to use essential oils to promote womb health!

Hello, LOVE!

I know it to be a beautiful experience to begin your wellness journey or when expanding upon the one you are already on. I was once where you are. I suffered from heavy menstrual cycles aka menorrhagia, and decided to incorporate the use of essential oils to support my healing journey. It's been years since that diagnosis and I am happy to share that I have since regulated my cycle and actually enjoy that "time of the month." Today I help other women by guiding them along their reproductive health journey through teaching alternative care options for womb health at Yoniversity Online Training Academy™ (YOTA)

Yoniversity Online Training Academy™ is an accredited educational platform that certifies women as holistic womb wellness coaches, and advocates.

Hundreds of women have joined YOTA over the years to learn about feminine reproductive health, spiritual growth, and how to launch successful womb-centered businesses. 

My personal mission is to reach women globally, if for no other reason than to enlighten their paths to natural alternative healing methods, and guide them back to whole-body wellness.

If you are ready to begin your womb wellness journey or business grab my free ebook and I'll show you how you can do both! 


A Beginners Guide To Essential Oils For Womb Health


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