Hey Sister, Kim here!

Holistic Womb Centered Coach & Your New Business BAE!

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Hey Sister! I'm Kim 

Holistic Womb Centered Coach & Your New Business BAE!

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What is holistic womb-centered coaching?

As a holistic womb-centered coach I guide women back to whole-body wellness through the power of womb healing. Using alternative healing methods that support women in activating their innate ability to heal, strengthen their intuition, and enhance their power of manifestation.

I coach Fempreneurs that have a passion to successfully launch or scale their womb-centered business to 6 Figures. 

Womb-centered businesses include; Doula’s Midwives, Womb Wellness Coaches & Advocates, businesses dedicated to female reproductive health, and any women-based business that services from that deeply centered place of trusting in their divine connection.


Being womb-centered means I work from a place of deep integrity rooted within my divine center, and in alignment with the spiritual laws that govern the divine feminine. This allows me to birth authentic connections with clients that are ready to “do the work”

When you're centered in your womb you are living in your purpose and showing up as the truest expression of yourself. This is an energy that my clients can feel, gravitate towards, and what gives them permission to become the truest expression of themselves.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years and nothing appeases me more than watching the women around me heal, glow, and transform into what they’ve truly envisioned for themselves.


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Download my workbook "Birthing Your Business Without The Labor Pains" 


Over-deliver, over-deliver, over-deliver!

"They said", and okay so I did. I created an 87-page workbook titled "Birthing Your Business Without The Labor Pains" This workbook is designed to guide you on how to successfully launch your womb-centered business from conception to birth!

I literally take you step-by-step through each phase of building a successful womb-centered business, and scaling it to 6 figures! and it's ONLY $22.00!!

This is a full proof step-by-step plan that I wish I had when I got started. However, because I didn't, I have made all the unnecessary mistakes for you, so now you can just glow-up!

You're Welcome ;)

Iss the 6 figures for me!

Become a Certified Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate!

Are you ready to answer your calling, and take the lead amongst your community of women?

Do you dream of integrating your spiritual practices with your work?

Do you desire to: restore balance in your body, establish a connection with your greatest self, and encourage your sister community aligned to do the same?

Join us in bridging the gap between traditional health care and holistic wellness through the training provided at Yoniversity Online Training Academy® 

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I was born ready!



Womb Wellness Consultation 
This 1 hr consultation includes a 

Personalized 30-day regimen to guide you in achieving your reproductive health goals. This regimen is emailed to you within seven days following your initial consultation.

Bonus: Four weekly 30 min womb-centered follow-up calls. 


Conception Call 
This is a 1:1  1 1/2 hr call is designed to identify one pain point in your business and, strategize on an effective solution to resolve it. 

This call is recorded and sent to you within 48 hrs following our session.


The Birth Plan 1:1 & Group Coaching
Four 1 hr - weekly coaching sessions via video as I guide you through working on my proven effective strategy on how to launch your successful womb-centered business to 6 figures.

Bonus: You will receive my workbook "How to Turn Your Wellness Journey Into a 6 Figure Business".


The Rebirth

Group Coaching

30 min  1:1 Bussiness BAE   -  This call is recorded and sent to you within 48 hrs following our session.

Access to my 30-day Money & Mindset Rebirth coaching program.


Business BAE CALL

This 15 min 1:1 call is designed for the purpose of determining whether you and I are in alignment, and to understand your pain points, priorities, and goals so when moving forward I can assure that we can effectively work together in achieving your desired results.

 Business BAE Bootcamp

Group Coaching 

1hr 1:1 Conception call - This call is recorded and sent to you within 48 hrs following our session.

Access to my 30-day "Bussiness BAE Boot Camp" coaching program.


Book a Business BAE call and we'll figure out together what solution is right for you! 

Kim take the wheel!

Here's all the "she say, she say" about me from my students & clients...



The coaching and recourses she provided really allowed me to support my clients in a more holistic way, and I literally doubled my income in just three months of working with her! 



Every tool Kim provided during our coaching sessions has added value to my practice. My clients are finally seeing the results they desire, and I am booking with more confidence. 



Her coaching isn't like your average life or business coaching, because it is womb-centered and, the power of the womb is extraordinary. She is so approachable and genuinely gives you sister vibes. 


Every millionaire has at least seven streams of income. How many do you have?

As an entrepreneur each year when I am completing my annual money review, This is the time of the year when I sit down and reflect on my earnings, sit in gratitude, then decide to make a million-dollar decision. This is a decision that generates more money, expands your life, creates more options, or brings you time, energy, peace, power, and joy.
Once I am done it is traditional for me to celebrate my wins with a glass of wine or pop a bottle of bubbly. (Ayyyyy!!)

So this year I have decided to add my third streams of revenue to my bag.
Because I enjoy celebrating my wins and giving back to my community I joined a fabulous team of women, and the One Hope family. I now offer exquisite wine, and champagne, with the option to customize bottles that are really the bee's knees especially for client gifts, Birthday gifts, or business branding.
If you find yourself intrigued just head over to my One Hope site for more info. I would love and appreciate your patriotism especially because every purchase funds a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and the option to join my team is also available.

One Hope
Shop my collection of womb-centered gifts.

Your vision board activated!

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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