Do you envision creating a fulfilling, abundant life? How about a wellness practice that allows you to support, and guide women to transform into the truest expressions of themselves? 

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Yes, tell me more!



Are you ready to take the lead amongst your community of women? and start a wildly successful womb-centered business?

Do you dream of integrating your spiritual practices with your work?

Do you desire to; restore balance in your body, establish a connection with your greatest self, and encourage your sister community aligned to do the same?

Well, here at Yoniversity Online Training Academy® we are bridging the gap between traditional health care and holistic wellness. Our teachings are a combined experience of modern-day medicine and ancient practices. We focus on holistically healing the mind, body,and spirit through knowledge based on the intricate and sacred workings of the physical and energetic womb. We are expanding through a collective of passionately inspired women ready to improve their reproductive health and take full ownership of their bodies by understanding themselves on a more intimate level.

We believe only when a woman fully understands how to effectively improve her own wellness and reproductive health will she be able to guide others in her community.

If this resonates with you as well, then sister you have arrived in divine timing, and you are ready to begin your journey with YOTA, and our Womb Wellness 101 e-course, let's get started! 

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Womb Wellness 101...

Designed to give our students a foundation, experience, and skills to begin their own personal wellness journey and support their clients' transformational process according to their personal womb wellness needs.

Holistic womb wellness coaching is truly a practice that requires an understanding of and compassion for all areas of a person’s life. Understanding how vital an individual’s wellness is to their overall success in life is key to being a great womb wellness coach, guide, and advocate.


Enrollment Benefits Include...

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Lifetime access to Womb Wellness 101

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Free lifetime access to our seven-day course, Feminine Health, and Hygiene "The Pre-Req"

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Lifetime access to our private YOTA Alumna group, and supportive sister community. 

I am ready to take the lead!
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During this course you will learn:

  • 8 In-depth lessons on conditions that negatively affect a woman's emotional, and gynecological health. How they are diagnosed and treated.
  • How to alleviate symptoms caused by gynecological issues in an all-natural way.
  • How to integrate alternative healing methods into your personal lifestyle and client regimen. 
  • How to use modalities such as: herbs, essential oils, and crystals to achieve your personal womb wellness goals and the goals of your clients.
  • How to facilitate an effective Womb Wellness Consultation that allows you to assist your client in achieving their desired results. 
  • How to properly facilitate a womb steam.
  • How to properly care for and instruct your clients when using yoni detox pearls.
  • How to properly care for and instruct your clients when using yoni eggs.
  • How to properly care for and instruct your client when using teas and herbal remedies

Upon completion you will receive:

  • Certification of completion
  • Womb Wellness Coaching & Business Manual (Part1)

Course objectives include:

  • Defining womb wellness coaching.
  • Defining holistic alternative medicine.
  • Defining herbal medicine.
  • Identifying essential oils for womb health.
  • Identifying herbal remedies for womb health.
  • Identifying crystals and semi-precious stones for womb health.
  • Identifying eight major conditions that can have a negative effect on women's reproductive health. 
  • Defining how to properly facilitate an effective womb wellness consultation.
  • Defining how to integrate alternative health practices into your life and that of your clients.
  • Defining how to properly facilitate a womb steam (aka yoni steam, vaginal steam, peri steam, or womb sauna.)
  • Defining how to support your clients in the proper use of tea and herbal remedies.
  • Defining how to support your client in the proper use of essential oils for womb health.
  • Defining how to support your client in the proper use of crystals and semi-precious stones for womb health.
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To successfully complete this course:

You will need to have access to a computer/tablet and be comfortable navigating the internet. You will be working on an e-learning platform; downloading and accessing e-books; viewing and listening to presentations; as well as providing feedback in an interactive environment with the other students, via our private group.

This course was designed to be completed in seven weeks, however, we provide/support a work at your own pace atmosphere and lifetime access for alumna. 

Course duration: Seven Weeks (self-paced)

Access: Lifetime

Required Textbook: Yes

Course prerequisites: Feminine Health & Hygiene " The PreReq"  

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Hey Sister!!

My name is Kim Morris, founder of Yoniversity Online Training Academy® and your new Holistic Womb Wellness Coach. I am excited and enthused to be at your service while you embark on this wellness journey. Let me share a little background about myself to get us more acquainted.

I’ve been practicing alternative healing methods for over 15 years (beginning with healing some of my own personal conditions). Some of the other titles I have achieved and acquired are; master energy healer; mindfulness meditation practitioner; and intuitive life path guide. My understanding of my purpose was birthed 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst, Menorrhagia, and severe anemia at the same time. These diagnoses initiated me to tap into my womb consciousness for the power to heal myself. My journey ultimately leads me to begin researching, studying, and applying the science of plant-based medicines, cognitive therapy, and wombology methods.

Over the last decade, I have worked with hundreds of women (1:1), guiding them through the processes of tapping into their innate abilities/powers to self-healing. I am humbled to say that my  "zone of genius" is activating transformation in the lives of others through sharing the wisdom of my experiences. My gift of empathy, sensitivity to energy, and powerful intuition allow me to connect with, and understand my clients on a soul level. Nothing appeases me more than witnessing the women around me evolve into their highest selves.

I started Yoniversity Online Training Academy as a way to form a collective, a sisterhood of women who are passionate about dismantling a system that allows silent sufferings to flourish like it's an actual business. This same "traditional" system has our daughters perishing in numbers that are breaking statistics. These preventable tragedies can be directly attributed to common procedures like childbirth; undiagnosed mental conditions; missed diagnosed uterus condition; lack of basic knowledge regarding one's own body; and/or lack of knowledge supporting alternative healing methods and practices.

My personal mission is to reach women globally, if for no other reason than to enlighten their paths to natural healing and guide them into total life transformation.  

My joy that you are with us is palpable and I look forward to meeting you inside!! 

In gratitude, Kim Morris xoxo


Here's what our alumni are saying...

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Heidi Ronquillo

Sex Coach

I learned so much about womb health that assisted me in my personal healing journey and has added value to my Womb Wellness business. I now have so much more to offer my clients. I am excited about YOTA it has helped me to better understand and, cope with my depression. 

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Elnora Teague

Hairdresser & Wellness Advocate

Yesssssss! I am totally amazed at the information that is in this course. Ladies, we need this information not only for ourselves but for all women, all ages. I have 3 beautiful daughters and I'm totally excited to begin to lead them in the best direction!

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Geneva Rayne

I'm a certified birth and postpartum doula, and Kim has truly impacted the way I view health and wellness. Through her coaching, I have been able to assist so many friends and family members, but not only that she has opened my eyes to how many women are truly miseducated on our reproductive organs. 


If you are passionate about women's health and wellness, this could be the moment and course that changes everything for "YOU"! 

I want in right NEOW!! >>
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