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 Yoniversity Online Training Academy™  (YOTA) is more than just another e-course...


we are a sisterhood, a community on a global mission to change the narrative surrounding reproductive health. Our curriculum is said to be unmatched in the womb wellness industry., We are the first and only school that offers an education that certifies highly qualified holistic womb wellness coaches and advocates.



We believe that no matter what phase of life you are in, it is never too late to learn about the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself, and you shouldn’t have to be a doctor to do it.

Because of the health disparities in the United States, especially amongst black women, we have chosen to take the initiative in bridging the gap.


Our Mission

Yoniversity Online Training Academy™ is on a global mission to teach women alternative healing methods for feminine health, and whole-body wellness. We focus our efforts on training women to become Holistic Womb Wellness Coaches & Advocates to help combat maternal health issues especially for women of color.

We are committed to passing down womb wisdom that inspires mental, physical, and spiritual wealth.

We aim to support women in a holistic way that urges them to embody the truest expression of themselves.


Our Back Story

Founder, Kim Morris birthed Yoniversity Online training Academy® in January 2017 after 100’s of consultations by way of her holistic healing center, and womb wellness practice. Kim came to the realization that there was an alarming number of women that were not properly educated about their own anatomy, overall reproductive health, and alternative options. Kim understood that this lack of knowledge was contributing to so many preventable gynecological, and feminine health issues, many which lead to unnecessary surgeries, prescription drug dependency, pregnancy, and infant mortality rates, infertility, and death, while also adding to the disturbing statistics of health disparities, especially amongst black women.

So Kim decided it was time to take the initiative and change the way we as women attend to our reproductive, and overall health by becoming more responsible and empowered through education.


What is a Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate?

A certified holistic womb wellness coach & advocate is a professional who can work in both individual and group settings to hold space for conversations that empower their clients to set and achieve their womb wellness goals.

Womb wellness coaches facilitate consultations in order to gather the necessary health history needed to understand their client's past, and current state of wellness, as well as to provide clearly defined goals, a regimen, and guidance that nurtures positive transformation.

Womb wellness coaches act as allies and advocates for their clients to help them improve various aspects of their lifestyle, such as their diet, fitness routine, and spiritual practices. Contrary to other health fields, womb wellness coaches usually refrain from acting as “the expert” on how their client should live. Instead, the client remains in control of determining what changes they want to make.

A womb wellness coach will help their clients identify and reflect on self-defeating behavioral patterns, and provide a suggested plan of action to encourage a beneficial lifestyle change, but it’s ultimately their client's choice to put the coach’s suggestions into practice so that they can experience renewed vitality.

Womb Wellness coaching as a practice has roots in psychology, behavioral change theory, and life coaching, as well as the overall healthcare industry. Simply put, The purpose of womb wellness coaching, is to provide alternative health options to support a woman throughout her reproductive journey, and beyond in a more holistic way than traditional health care.


The Benefits of Working With Clients as a Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate

When you work as a womb wellness coach, you offer your clients measurable health benefits. Research shows an overall positive impact on behavior for people who work with wellness coaches to combat lifestyle problems, and the changes in behavior far outlast the time they spend in coaching.

The emotional support that you can provide as a womb wellness wellness coach gives your clients a better chance of success than if they were acting on health information alone. For instance, being told by your doctor you have a condition negatively affecting your reproductive health, and then being given limited to no options for resolve, can be scary and, overwhelming, but as a womb wellness coach, you can counsel them through the process provide them alternative options, and inspire them to take action reclaiming their body, health and overall wellbeing.

This provides advantages beyond your client’s welfare. Companies benefit when their employees undergo wellness coaching, as it can lead to less absenteeism and greater workplace productivity, as well as a reduction in healthcare costs.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

We are all about

Supporting our sister community in a way that gives them permission to show as their most favorite selves. To empower them through education that encourages them to reclaim their womb health, wealth, and spiritual selves.



The perfect



  • You're a natural-born nurturer, passionate about the birthing community, and would love to make a living creating extraordinary change in the lives of others 
  • You have been doing womb work for some time now, have all the products, and have helped so many friends and family members, but quite honestly you're still not confident enough to put yourself out there. 
  • You have a practice or business that services women, maybe you've done some research on womb wellness, and know adding a service like this to your practice would really up your game and be highly beneficial for your already established client base. 
  • You are ready to launch a wildly successful womb-centered business.

Here's how YOTA can help

We offer self-paced online training that can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world that gives you the foundational knowledge needed to confidently show up as the womb wellness expert you are. Group coaching for women ready to reclaim their health, and 1:1 VIP days for the visionary ready to birth beautiful womb-centered businesses.


Birthing Your Business Without The Labor Pains.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Launching a Wildly Successful Womb-Centered Business.
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