Do you want to understand the inner-workings of the feminine body and reproductive health, in a way that will support your personal wellness goals and those of your clients? If you answered "YES" then our pre-req course is the perfect place to get started. Join YOTA we have a  community of women here and ready to support you along the way.

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Does any of these sound like you?

You are ready to start an immensely successful womb wellness business that allows you to live the life you desire, while supporting women on their path to healing and transformation? 

You have a women-centered business and would like to gain more knowledge about reproductive health to enhance your services, which will enable you to support your clients in a truly holistic way.

You are a mother with daughter/s, and like most of us don't have all the answers our daughters may need to guide them in the best way when it comes to intimate issues such as: like reproductive health and feminine care.

If you answered YES to any of these descriptions, then you are fully aligned with our course objectives and exactly where you need to be today sister. 

Why? Because...

You are about to satisfy all that + more!

It is recognized and supported that increased education relative to women's health and wellness reduces: 

  • Child and maternal death rates
  • Mental health breakdowns
  • The risk of attracting STIs 
  • Infertility
  • Drug dependency, and more!

The valuable information available to you within the “The PreReq” is foundational, fundamental, and imperative for every woman to know. Unfortunately most don't, (maybe that was you), but not anymore now that you are with us!! 

The information in this course is going to:

  • Support your personal wellness journey by teaching how the most intimate parts of your body work.
  • Enhance your already established women-focused business by expanding your knowledge of the intricacies of feminine wellness.
  • Support the successful healing journey of your clients.
  • Leverage you in the women's wellness industry. (Which is a TRILLION dollar industry btw... ) 


"The PreReq" course is set up as an intro to Womb Wellness 101, and is required to be completed before gaining access to the Womb Wellness 101 course. 

We have designed this course in a way that not only supports the inspiring Holistic Womb Wellness Coach and advocates, but supports all women who are ready to reclaim their body, reproductive health, or just want to know themselves on a more intimate level.


In this course you will learn:

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Introduction to the female reproductive system 

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What every woman should know about contraception and practices

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How every woman should care for their reproductive health

I'm ready to launch "my" wildly successful womb-centered business today!
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Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the structure and function of the organs of the female reproductive system
  • List the steps of oogenesis
  • Describe the hormonal changes that occur during the ovarian and menstrual cycles
  • Trace the path of an oocyte from the ovary to fertilization
  • Make informed decisions about various birth control options
  • Describe the basic duties of an OBGYN and what to expect at a visit
  • Make healthy informed decisions about feminine health care products

Duration: Seven Days 
Access: 30 Days
Required Textbook: None


Check out what our Alumni have to say!

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Rashida Carte

Yoniversity truly impacted the way I view my own health. I am totally amazed by the information in this course. I am excited about sharing this with the women in my life. This course has totally upped my personal wellness game and business.

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Lawone Hunter

I was already a womb wellness practitioner when I joined Yoniversity, and I found that this course really added to my practice in understanding the diseases that plague the feminine reproductive system. In order to properly help women heal their wombs on the spiritual and energetic levels, we must understand the physical dis-harmony that is present in the womb/body. The clear and concise information found in the course was by far one of the most thorough.

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Melissa Graham

I'm a certified birth and postpartum doula, and Kim has truly impacted the way I view health and wellness. Through her coaching I have been able to assist so many friends and family members, but not only that she has opened my eyes to how many women are truly miseducated on our reproductive organs.



I'm ready to reclaim my Body, Mind, and Future!

Class is in session, come in and take "your" seat!

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How to get the most out of your OB/GYN visits...

During my practice as a holistic womb wellness coach, I have come across many women that have experienced some discouraging challenges when it comes to working with an OB/GYN, especially when the OB/GYN is a man. Despite my empathy with their unease, I must advise them that it is in their best interest to have a OB/GYN that they can trust enough to have open conversations when it comes to their health concerns. If you find this challenging as well, then I suggest finding a new doctor in whom you are comfortable with. Having an OB/GYN that you’re compatible and comfortable with is essential to making informed decisions regarding your health.

The relationship you have with your OB/GYN can have a tremendous medical impact on your health, comfort-level, everyday happiness, and reproductive longevity.

In most cases their advice is not only needed, but is required in order for a womb wellness coach to support you in the most effective way. It's also their diagnosis that can spot potentially life-threatening illnesses or diseases before they become mortally dangerous.

This is one reason why having an open and honest relationship with your OB/GYN is highly recommended and supported throughout this course. 

Where do I begin to develop this trusting relationship? 

First step to take is finding the courage to ask some important (even if uncomfortable at first) questions at your next visit (or if a health issue occurs first). 

The importance of this step led me to spend some time compiling some of the more imperative questions you should ask your OB/GYN. This handy little checklist was created to help guide your womb wellness journey, and give you the knowledge to guide others. 

In Feminine Health and Hygiene " The PreReq", you will learn the process of what to expect when meeting with your OB/GYN. This knowledge will ensure you and/or your client(s) receive the help and guidance you deserve during each visit. 


Download Your FREE OB/GYN Checklist.

Important Questions to Ask Your OB/GYN

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