Client Love + Success Stories


Kim is a gem! 

I love, love, love her! she is so personable and the knowledge and wisdom she has about the womb are so vast. She makes you want to share with her. She is so open and just a beautiful spirit in general. Working with Kim was just a wonderful experience overall.




"Heidi Ronquillo"

I learned so much about womb health that assisted me in my personal healing journey and has added value to my Womb Wellness business. I now have so much more to offer my clients. I am excited about YOTA it has helped me to better understand and, cope with my depression. 


"Lawone Hunter"

I was already a womb wellness practitioner when I joined Yoniversity, and I found that this course really added to my practice in understanding the diseases that plague the feminine reproductive system. In order to properly help women heal their wombs on the spiritual and energetic levels, we must understand the physical dis-harmony that is present in the womb/body. The clear and concise information found in the course was by far one of the most thorough.

Rashida Opened her first brick and mortar!

Yoniversity truly impacted the way I view my own health. I am totally amazed by the information in this course. I am excited about sharing this with the women in my life. This course has totally upped my personal wellness game after completing the course I opened my first wellness shop. "Organic Hand" is located in Brooklyn New York. 

-Rashida Carter


Yesssssss! I am totally amazed at the information that is in this course. Ladies, we need this information not only for ourselves but for all women, of all ages. I have 3 beautiful daughters and I am a hairdresser by trade. I'm totally excited to begin to lead the women in my life in the best direction!

-Elnora Teague


Amazing Support!

Kim has truly created a community of supportive women with the goal to do better, and be better. I am always inspired by the women here and their passion for feminine health. The best part is Kim actually shows up and reaches out to you directly she really keeps us all connected, and elevated. I love it here!


Terry Jones

Feeling the love ❤︎



Trish, USA

Since I joined YOTA I have seen my product sales increase, my customer base, and my business partners increase. I now know that YOTA was a major component that I was missing. I am so grateful I have chosen to say yes and join YOTA! 


Nysha, USA

YOTA has helped me gain the confidence I needed to step in front of my brand in the womb-centered industry. I am now clear about how I want to show up, and I'm excited about offering hands-on services, products, and guidance to my sister community. As a former medical student, I absolutely appreciate how in-depth and accurate the trainings are.


Geneva, Canada

I'm a certified birth and postpartum doula, and Kim has truly impacted the way I view health and wellness. Through her coaching, I have been able to assist so many friends and family members, but not only that she has opened my eyes to how many women are truly miseducated about our reproductive organs. I even launched my own brand of feminine health care products!