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Become a Certified Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate. 

Join hundreds of women from all over the world who have said YES to re-claiming their reproductive health and power, as well as guiding other women along their journeys.
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The PreReq


In our PreReq course, you are introduced to the female reproductive system in depth. You will learn what to expect throughout your gynecological journey. Specific focus is placed on the dos and don’ts of feminine hygiene. The information covered in this course is truly what should have been taught at the high school level to allow us to explore and learn more of our feminine selves!!


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Womb Wellness 101


Womb Wellness 101's comprehensive holistic training covers: the basic anatomy of the womb; a vast scope of conditions that may have an adverse effect on a woman’s fertility; menstrual cycle; sexual; and mental health. Prepare to explore natural and holistic methods of healing that include: herbs, essential oils, and crystals. 


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Womb Wellness 102


This is where we delve and cover the serious consequences beyond the immediate impact of contracting an STI. We will learn how to intimately communicate with our womb on an energetic and emotional level,. This empowers us to remove obstacles that cause blockages to our success. We explore how negative energy and emotions manifest into physical illnesses.


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Womb Gang® is a private group of womb-center sisters on a journey to heal themselves, their community, and hold space for each other’s vulnerability, holistic wellbeing, and spiritual growth. We are a division of Yoniversity Online Training Academy®

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Our Mission 

We believe that no matter what phase of life you are in, it is never too late to learn about the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself. You shouldn’t have to be a doctor or a trained physician to understand how. There is large information deficiencies and health disparities women are faced with in the United States today, especially amongst black women. Team YOTA has chosen to take the initiative to bridging this gap between wisdom and women. 

Yoniversity Online Training Academy® is on a global mission to teach women alternative healing methods for feminine wellness and reproductive health. 

We are committed to passing down womb wisdom that inspires mental, physical, and spiritual wealth. 

We aim to support women in a holistic way that urges them to embody the truest expression of themselves. 

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Here's What Our Alumni Has to say... 


"I was already a womb practitioner having studied under Queen Afua when I joined Yoniversity, the course is down to earth and soooo packed full of information. It really takes the old traditions making them exciting and enjoyable for the modern womb. The research has definitely been done--where most people stop with the superficial information, this course has the history and science all in regular, understandable English. I walked away from each part feeling confident ,and wiser. "

Tahtahme Lizz Cann
Womb Practitioner

"I am totally new to womb healing, and I found the lessons in Yoniversity so important. I'm going to share this with every female I come into contact with. I love the way the lessons are structured with the videos, pictures, notes & real-life examples. It gives me a wealth of information. It's like a kid with a candy jar & I want to taste every flavor of knowledgeable candy. This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!" "

Venetria Moon Ra
Hoop Yogini

"I'm a certified birth and postpartum Doula, and Yoniversity has truly impacted the way I view health and wellness. Through my studies, I have been able to assist so many friends and family members, but not only that, it has opened my eyes to how many women are truly miseducated on our reproductive organs. "

Geneva Rayne Bey
Birth Doula

Learn From The Very Best

Join Yoniversity Online Training Academy® and begin learning from one of the "most" in-demand online businesses in operation today. Wellness and Health is a 3.7 Trillion Dollar global Industry, with continual growth potential. Having access to in depth understanding of this industry is one of the main opportunities we offer our students @ YOTA. Our team has ensured that each module is easily translatable and comprehended. Team YOTA fully supports our students as they reach the level of confidence needed to begin their womb wellness journey, practice, and launch an immensely successful womb wellness business.



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