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Mommy & Me + Wombilee 

Through our mommy & me initiative we plan to educate more women about reproductive health by offering FREE enrollment to girls ages 15-21 that enroll with their mother or mother figure into our Feminine Health & Hygiene Prerequisite course.

The valuable information available to you within our Feminine Health & Hygiene Perquisite course is foundational, fundamental, and imperative for every woman to know. Unfortunately, most don't. (Maybe that was you), but not anymore; now that you're with us!! 

What we have done is taken our period health course and separated it from our full prerequisite " Feminine Health & Hygiene course so that we can offer this valuable and much needed training to youth aged girls globally for FREE!!

Mom if you are ready to dive deeper we would love to have you join us in our full prerequisite training. So we are gifting it to you for Only $27! (Regular enrollment into this course is $197.00)

A portion of the funds from this course goes towards bringing feminine health care products and workshops to youth aged girls living in homeless shelters and foster care. 

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Join Our Free Period Health Course
Join Our Prerequisite Feminine Health & Hygiene for Only $27

Feminine Health & Hygiene (Prereq) 

What You'll Get:

  • Introduction to the female reproductive system, and menstrual cycle.
  • What every woman should know about female contraception, and practices.  
  • What every woman should know about caring for their reproductive health, and how to navigate an OBGYN appointment. 
  • The concerning health risk of some feminine care products, and how to make healthy informed decisions when choosing feminine care products.
  • Alternative feminine care practices
  • Period Health W/Wombilee

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the structure and function of the organs of the female reproductive system.
  • List the steps of oogenesis.
  • Describe the hormonal changes that occur during the ovarian and menstrual cycles.
  • Trace the path of an oocyte from the ovary to fertilization.
  • Make informed decisions about various birth control options.
  • Describe the basic duties of an OBGYN and what to expect at a visit.
  • Make healthy informed decisions about feminine health care products.
  • Know what optimal period health, and care looks like. 

Duration: Seven Days 
Access: 30 Days
Required Textbook: Period Health Workbook by, Wombilee


Learn More About Wombilee

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Wombilee™ is a black owned, women owned, natural menstrual pad company that is making a positive change on women's health through their graphene designed pads that help balance vaginal, PH and inhibited the growth of bacteria. 

Wombilee was founded in Dallas, Texas, USA, by entrepreneurs C.Nichole and Raffinae LaJuan. The founders want to see women worldwide feel more empowered in the sense of knowing that there would be no births without their wombs.

Wombilee's Mission: Bringing the importance of a healthy, cared-for womb to the forefront while empowering women to acknowledge menstruation as a strength, understanding the honor within, "It all begins with you..."


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